Practical Driving Test2016-10-14T09:25:15+00:00

Once you have passed the on screen theory test you can apply for the practical driving test. However, you must be able to drive with minimal assistance from your driving instructor before you take the test.

Take your driving instructor’s advice on whether you are ready. Normally you will have the use of your instructor’s car for the test and this is the best option as you will be familiar with the vehicle.

If you can drive and control your car safely and smoothly, with full awareness of other road users and consideration for the road, weather and traffic conditions, and can competently perform all the slow manoeuvres, you are ready to pass your driving test!
You should therefore be able to drive with minimal assistance from your driving instructor, apart from his or her directions on where to go.

Attending the practical test makes most people nervous, but there’s really no need to be. If you are ready for the test then you will soon overcome your nerves. The examiner will be on your side – he or she really does want you to pass!

It is advisable to dress comfortably for the test and have confidence in yourself.

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