Todays roads are getting busier all the time so making sure drivers are safe and in control is a priority to Tom Grainger driving school in Warrington.

Almost everyone wants to learn to drive a car as soon as they are approaching the legal limit, but its very important not to be thrown in at the deepend. Here at Tom Grainger Driving School, we are able to prepare students for the busy roads by teaching them to drive and learn the basics of driving before their 17th birthday.

By learning the basics and getting to grips with controlling the car in a safe off-road area, leaner drivers are much more prepared and confident when they go onto public roads.

During the pre-driver training lessons, learner drivers will learn basic skills such as driving forward, driving round a corner, reversing, reversing round a corner, parking in to a space and obviously the general use of the car such as mirrors, indicators, hazards and controls. Learning this before going onto the roads puts Tom Grainger students way ahead by means of road safety and they are also more prepared to pass their driving test sooner.